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How to style a statement necklace for a corporate outfit.

October 03, 2020 2 min read

Accessories can completely make a whole look go from zero to hundred if styled right. Most times, dressing up is incomplete without an accessory, it’s like that missing piece that completes a puzzle. There are varieties of accessories, ranging from a statement necklace to a simple belt or even rings.

Shopping for an accessory could be as easy as shopping for an outfit, but styling it could be a little tricky. You’re faced with the task of matching them with an outfit, the “what goes with what” comes in.

You should know that looking your best especially to a corporate setting is very important, and part of looking your best is accessorizing your jewellery right.

A statement necklace can give you that sophisticated look that makes you turn up like a queen. The question is,

What is a statement necklace?

 It is a necklace that makes a huge statement when you put it on, you can’t hide them they are always glaring.  Often, the necklace is large-sized and covers the neckline.

This article will give you tips and tricks on how to style a statement necklace for a corporate outfit.

Here you go;

Less is More:

The main trick you need to know is when wearing a statement necklace, the “less is more” rule can be easily applied because the necklace will be doing most of the talking. Your outfit can be as simple as a plain dress or your regular shirt and pencil skirt, enhance it with just a statement necklace, and you’ll look effortlessly stylish.


Over a Shirt:

You can wear a piece of statement jewellery over a buttoned-up shirt or lose some top buttons, preferably two buttons.

Peeking through:

Make your statement necklace peek through your shirt or a blazer worn over a neckline shirt or top. 

Over a Dress:

Whatever type of dress it is, a statement necklace can transform it to any desired look, especially necklaces with stones or pearls, those are suitable for a corporate setting.

Go Monochrome:

You can opt for a statement necklace with a matching colour with your outfit, it makes the whole look more coordinated and sophisticated.

Trace the neckline:

Wear a statement necklace that fills the space and trace the neckline of your outfit. If your outfit is a v-neckline, you can go for v-shaped necklaces.

Go for colours that sit well with your skin tone and your outfit:

There is a need to match your skin tone or outfit. You don’t want to wear a silver necklace over a gold dress, that would be off.


Try Subtle or Bold,

Whatever makes you comfortable, comfort is key when it comes to styling.


Accessories upgrade your look, it’s what they do best. It all depends on your style and preference, try out these tips for easy styling.

Upgrade your look and Shop for some statement necklace.